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Brand Identity

Limber Massage Therapy

Limber* is an Austin-based massage

therapy services provider. Founded

in 2015, the company delivers

in-home table and chair massage to

personal clients.

Wanting to appeal to an upscale

audience, I was asked to produce an

aesthetic that was simple, stylish,

and contemporary.


For the logo, we settled on a single "L" reduced to two simple leaf shapes, evoking a natural serenity while maintaining a modern, high-end appeal.

In order to reinforce that theme of serenity, I chose a color approaching sea blue, while a gold accent for text and line graphics adds a feeling of luxury.

*Full disclosure: The client happened to be my wife. She is a wonderful and talented massage therapist. If you live in Austin and would like a premium in-house massage, head over to!

Custom business card

Web presence with online booking

Austin Health Hoopla

Austin Health Hoopla was to be a

two-day health conference 

featuring speakers from various

backgrounds presenting dynamic

and engaging talks about all things

health and fitness.

Out of a desire to be perceived as 

unique to other, more mundane

health events, I explored the use of bold type and bright,

almost oversaturated colors. I also played around with the visual arrangement of the words, as well as abbreviations.  


For the logo, I initially tried a number of variations using leaf shapes in order to evoke nature while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Feeling the look was not unique enough, I threw out that idea and decided instead on a retro-80s look and feel.

The result ended up being bold and fun, definitely different from the majority of other health conferences.

Custom business card 1

Custom business card 2

Print ad featured in VegNews magazine

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