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With over twelve years of experience as an animator in the game industry, I have deep knowledge and experience in all facets of the production process. I've worked on over twenty titles during my career in genres ranging from children's titles to gritty first-person shooters. I'm comfortable adapting to many different animation styles and have earned a reputation for turning out high-quality assets quickly, with great attention to detail. In addition, I'm proficient in character rigging, skinning, and problem-solving. These are just some of the properties to which I've had the good fortune to contribute my skills:

  • Star Wars

  • Call of Duty

  • James Bond 007

  • Tron

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  • Wizard 101

  • Pirate 101

  • Crowfall

If you're looking to add a skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic animator to your team or project, please don't hesitate to reach out to me through the Contact section of my site.

Brand Strategy

During my time in the University of Texas at Austin's Technology Commercialization program, I learned the ins and outs of what it takes to build a venture from the ground up, and a significant part of that process is establishing your brand strategy. What is your company's personality? What are its values? How do you want to be perceived by your audience? These are just a few of the questions I will help you answer when creating your brand strategy. Additionally, I will collaborate with you in designing a beautiful and authentic visual identity that will help you develop and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. Together, we will tailor your brand strategy to the specific needs of your business. I offer a number of different services:

  • Logo Design

  • Typography

  • Naming & Positioning

  • Marketing & Branding Material

  • Market Research

Feel free to reach out to me through my Contact section and let me know what I can do to help you design your brand strategy.

Brand Strategy

Infographic Design


Infographics are a fantastic way to tell the story of your product, company, or brand. When well-designed, they allow you to convey large amounts of information quickly and more efficiently than with a more traditional approach to customer outreach.​ Whether you want to reach new customers, inform them of a new product, or offer thought-leadership in your space, the next time you want to really grab your audience, consider using an infographic.


When creating your custom graphic, I will work

collaboratively with you in order to make the most

compelling and informative image that will command

attention. We will explore many possibilities and iterations

before arriving at an image that you can be proud to

distribute through any medium you see fit, whether that's

print or screen.

If you need an infographic (or two, or three) designed for your business or brand, don't hesitate to drop me a line through my Contact section.

Screen & Print Design

Depending on how you want your customers to engage with your brand, I

can tailor your message for a wide range of mediums, whether that's print

advertising, social media, email, or video. We will work together to find the

right media mix that will be most effective at conveying your message to

your audience. I have experience in creating print advertisements for

nationally circulated magazines, email marketing campaigns, social media

ads, and websites. I can help you spread your message through a multitude

of avenues in a way that is authentic.

Reach out to me in the Contact section and let me know what I can do to

meet your design needs.

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